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About Sandy

Choice is Everything.

Choosing the right person to work with you and your horse comes with great responsibility. Your massage therapist must have education, certification, be licensed and carry insurance, but what lies beyond these basic legal requirements is just as important.

Communication is Key.

In addition to qualifications on paper, you need someone with a natural, relaxed confidence around any type of horse. They must be a clear communicator—both in words and body language—and have a gift for reading your horse's communications, personality and moods. These are the very qualities I bring to every session.

My Qualifications and Knowledge.

As a graduate of the Northwest School of Animal Massage in Vashon, WA I am nationally certified in equine (large animal) massage through NBCAAM (National Board of Certification for Animal Acupressure and Massage). I am licensed by the Washington State Department of Health (credential # AM 60905860). I am fully insured through ABMP.

Sandy with Luna, the inspiration for
Luna Equine Massage

Driven by a desire to deepen my knowledge of equine massage and body mechanics, I spend many hours in continuing education classes, and am excited to be working towards a national certification in manual lymphatic drainage for horses.

Bonding and Respect.

I have a deep respect for horses as their own beings, and everything I do comes from this perspective.   I am a natural horsemanship advocate.  After the initial intake session, I will develop a sense of mutual trust with your horse. Each horse’s needs, habits and personalities are different – just like ours. My sessions are designed to blend with your horse’s unique character.  


I begin with a non-threatening, gentle approach. In some cases I will simply spend time hanging out with the horse. This offers them the opportunity to sense my energy and intention. Horses are very sensitive and savvy animals, and it’s very important to me to pass their “sniff test.” Bodywork is a two-way street (you are not charged for any of this "get-to-know-you" time).

As I Gain Your Horse’s Trust, We Become a Team.

Mutual confidence develops, and your horse responds by allowing me to get deeper in the problem areas and openly release his tension.  Amazingly, your horse becomes a partner in his own well-being as I develop an effective bodywork treatment within his comfort level - he will anticipate a positive experience after only a couple of sessions.


Reports and Progress.

After each session you will receive a detailed session report outlining your horse’s problem areas and recommendations. Together we can monitor changes and improvements, and if necessary, discuss other modalities to help your horse’s condition.

Equine Massage Is My Passion.

I love working with all horses.  Performance and trail horses must be kept supple to prevent injury. Horses in rehab have very specific needs, and I have a particular affinity for our senior citizens.  Regardless of the situation, I support collaborative relationships with veterinarians and chiropractors to ensure every horse is receiving exactly what they need for optimum health and comfort.


Giving Back.

As an avid animal advocate, I am privileged to be able to donate my time and massage skills to care for rescue horses and hardworking horses with jobs. When I go on vacation, I always try to find a rescue in need of some TLC for their horses – they deserve every ounce of care and comfort. Here are some of the organizations to which I donate (or have donated) my services:

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