Your horse deserves the benefits of

professional equine massage

Equine Massage

Massage is more than a release of tension. It can help improve your horse's range of motion, strengthen weak muscles, reinforce fluid muscle patterns, promote faster healing from injuries, release endorphins (the body's natural painkillers), support the body's aging process, boost the immune system, and identify underlying issues before they become a problem...

and that's just the beginning...


Sandy Clinton LAMP

Improved Mobility

Stronger Performance

Enhanced Well-Being


  • improve posture and structural balance

  • enhance flexibility and range of motion

  • encourage new, more fluid muscle patterns

  • strengthen weak muscles and improve muscle tone

  • increase circulation in arthritic horses

  • promote faster healing

  • increase adhesions and scar tissue

  • support the immune and lymphatic system

  • address geriatric and orthopaedic issues in older horses

  • reduce inflammation and pain

  • release endorphins (the body's natural pain killers)

  • identify issues before they become problems

  • relieve stresses due to stall-bound, pregnancy or other external stressors

  • enhance responsiveness and mental well-being

  • eliminate trigger points – micro-tearing in the muscle causing a hyper irritable focus

Most importantly, horse massage strengthens the human/horse bond.

Most horses just plain love massage and relaxation.



Sandy has massaged all three of my horses, one a retired dressage horse, another an older rescue and now the third a 13 year old draft cross fox hunter. She has taken the time to get to know not only their body's needs but also their emotional ones. She takes her time so they learn her touch, and now they totally trust her. 

My retired horse is no longer worked, but since Sandy has worked on him his legs do not swell up anymore. 


My jumper is one ball of muscle and knots, and Sandy has begun untwisting him. He can be extra sensitive to touch, almost to the point of where he thinks it will hurt him. He will stand perfectly still though when Sandy is working on him. It’s like he knows it will help! 


I would recommend her to anyone looking for an understanding body worker who has an older horse or one that is new to massage. She will ease them and you into the process! 


Jesse M.




About Sandy

Sandy Clinton is a nationally certified equine massage practitioner serving the King, Snohomish, Pierce and Kitsap counties of western Washington State


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